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ContractorSAFE allows a Principal Contractor to:

  1. Demonstrate due diligence by setting out the contractual obligations of the Principal Contractor and the independent contractor by inclusion of a legal clause which independent contractors must confirm
  2. Inform contractor managers of the obligations of the Principal for matters over which they retain control.
  3. Demonstrate due diligence through confirmation of development and implementation of safety arrangements by contractors through a simple 12 question questionnaire
  4. Allows objective selection of contractors through a simple scoring system
  5. Ensures protection of Principal contractors through maintaining boundaries between contractors and the Principal contractor for safety management.
  6. Provides an option to refer a contractor for independent assistance where they do not meet the required level of performance.
  7. Allows uploading and scheduling for renewal of insurances
  8. Allows for uploading of required safe work method statements for high risk work as defined under regulations
  9. Allows for scheduling of confirmation of compliance with safe work method statements for high risk work as defined under regulations by contractors.
  10. Allows for an induction checklist to be customised and added to the pre-qualification procedure.
  11. Allows for end of project review of safety performance.
  12. Allows for extension of the system to include customised modules e, g, quality assurance or incorporation of customised questions into the pre-qualification and monitoring questionnaires

The system can be managed by administrative personnel as no technical assessment of a contractor’s safety arrangements is required.

Contractors can be sent a link and complete the questionnaire, enabling contractors to be on-boarded quickly if needed. The time required to complete the questionnaire is approximately 15 minutes.

Principal Contractors who implement ContractorSAFE are supported by both information technology experts and SOS Safety and Legal professionals, to respond to any IT, legal or safety questions which may arise in respect of the system at no additional charge (subject to reasonable use).

Data is stored safely can be accessed at any time and provides evidence of a principal undertaking required due diligence.  The system allows reports to be run to identify pre-qualified contractors, identify when renewal of information is required, status of pre-qualification and any outstanding actions such as submission of compliance monitoring and end of project review to inform ongoing engagement of contractors. 

ContractorSAFE is the only contractor management system which accurately reflects the law and provides peace of mind for Principal contractors.